A Touch From Heaven -                Relax / Restore / Balance


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                         Relieve your body from
                      Pain - Stress - Mental Stress - Bowel Stress

                     Therapeutic Massage
  • Pain relief from muscle strain due to over exertion
  • Realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue
  • To calm a nervous system and reduce the effects of stress on the body
          Colon Hydrotherapy: "Gravity Flow Closed System"        
  • To hydrate the colon for those who are experiencing constipation
  • To prepare for colonoscopy as well as other types of procedures
  • Rinses out the fecal material that adheres to the colon walls

  • Helps remove undigested food in the colon may cause bloating and gas
                      Ionic Foot Bath BBSystem
  • Helps the body with toxic overload
  • To detoxify whole body systems through osmosis in the feet