A Touch From Heaven -                Relax / Restore / Balance
              Massage Therapy
                                         Recharge Massage 
Customized to focus specifically on the area of your body that needs the most attention.  Weather it's your legs, lower back, shoulders or neck you will leave refreshed and rejuvenated. 
                                              (30Min) - $45
                                           Swedish Massage
Let our massage specialist treat your mind, body and soul to a truly pampering massage. Melt stress, improve circulation and ease muscular tension in just one hour or more if you would like.
                                    60 Minutes -  $65 
                                    90 minutes -  $105
                                    120 Minutes -  $130
                               Deep Tissue Massage
Deep pressure and trigger point techniques are used for the more intense massage that can treat deep muscle soreness and melts away knots and tension from over use of muscles
                                    60 Minutes - $90 
                                    90 Minutes - $120 
                                    120 Minutes - $150
                         Prices are subject to change